Land Acquisition Services

The Foundry Commercial land acquisition services team features a group of seasoned professionals with deep experience working for property owners, investors and developers through land acquisitions, dispositions, investment sales and consulting services.


With years of commercial brokerage experience throughout the Southeast, our team brings tremendous depth of land expertise. We have a proven track record producing market-leading materials and providing our clients with exposure on a local, regional, and national level.

Commercial Land Acquisition

At Foundry we use both cutting-edge technology and local relationships to locate the most profitable sites for our partners whether they be investors, developers, or both. We evaluate these land acquisition opportunities both physically and statistically. With over two decades of experience, we’re able to act quickly and strategically.

Residential Land Acquisition

Our land acquisition experts work closely with residential developers, both multifamily and single-family, to ensure the site selection process and pricing match your needs exactly. We know our markets and where the value lies. Through a powerful combination of technology and market experience, our deals are executed on time and at the right price to ensure profitable returns for our partners.

The Foundry Commercial Land Acquisition Difference

We use cutting edge software, data and negotiating experience to provide advanced customer analytics, competition assessments, and increased economic incentive packages to reduce real estate costs and increase revenue for our partners.

Anticipating geographical growth trends and getting ahead of migration patterns is critical when trying to achieve greater value appreciation. Migration patterns are evolving more rapidly now than we saw with the industrial revolution.

Before you consider a land acquisition, you need to understand how growth is changing and how those changes may impact the success of your project. You need to consult with an expert.

Environmental Considerations

Just because the property you are considering isn’t a publicly acknowledged brownfield site doesn’t mean it’s not subject to environmental considerations. Even large parcel agricultural land can potentially pose significant clean-up issues. Once you own the land, you’re on the hook for any requirements going forward.

Environmental assessments must be conducted. Understanding the environmental risks associated with a property before you buy it is critical to the success of your project. You need to know the likelihood of any site contamination, identify wells or possible underground storage tanks, and assess potential adverse environmental impacts from adjacent land.

A professional environmental investigation is crucial for both the site selection process as a risk mitigation measure and as a gauge of economic feasibility.

Municipal Considerations

Zoning requirements, easements, stormwater regulations, tree conservation, open space requirements, and improvements to rights-of-way are just some of the local ordinances that could impact a project.

Every municipality has its own set of rules and guidelines governing land use and development. Attorneys and engineers will be brought in to help with these issues but partnering with an experienced group like Foundry Commercial, who will help you navigate them is an essential step in a successful land acquisition project.

Work with an Experienced Land Acquisition Broker

Buying land as an investment or for development is an extremely complex process. And depending on the project, site selection and the subsequent negotiations could make or break the deal.

Our land brokers are experienced in all aspects of the land acquisition process. We have over 20 years of experience in 11 markets and counting. Experience working for property owners, investors and developers through land acquisitions, dispositions, investment sales and consulting services.

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