Religious, Education & Not-for-Profit

Though it may only happen once or twice during the lifetime of a congregation, buying or selling a religious facility is one of the most important – yet challenging – endeavors a congregation will undertake; the same holds true for a neighborhood school.

More than a building

The reason is simple. Emotional ties to the building itself are born from years – often lifetimes – of memories made there.

Foundry’s Journey with Your Organization

With a church, congregants not only attend services but also the events that mark the milestones of life: weddings, baptisms, funerals. In schools, generations of students, teachers, and parents form bonds as they learn and grow. These powerful connections are real?and play a significant role in the effort to expand or relocate these types of facilities.

We recognize this kind of work is not an assignment, but a journey. That’s why, for more than 45 years, we have devoted our time and resources exclusively to serving this specialty niche. Foundry Commercial understands the significance of these ties and how they can affect the process of transition.

Our team has the experience to address these changes respectfully. We help religious, educational, and not-for-profit groups evaluate their long-term needs and resources, identify preferred neighborhoods and facilities, negotiate transactions and, finally, successfully relocate their members. It is our privilege – our calling if you will – to serve as their trusted guide.

Foundry’s Religious Facility Real Estate History

Our story began in 1968, when real estate broker Richard Messier agreed to help his congregation sell its existing facility in suburban Detroit. It sounded simple, especially since Richard had been helping companies buy and sell property for many years. Yet, he quickly discovered that selling a church was no simple task. The expectations and interests were different, the pool of potential buyers much smaller and, as it turned out, the stakes were much higher. He discovered he was selling more than brick and mortar – he was helping a church family grow and prosper.

That one project started a 40-year journey of helping religious organizations across the nation with their real estate needs. Under the guidance of Richard, and eventually his youngest son Matt, who now leads Foundry Commercial’s Religious & Educational real estate team, our scope has broadened to include educational institutions and not-for-profit groups who share many of the same special needs and requirements.



Foundry brings a deep understanding of market dynamics and the nuances of commercial real estate operations to maximize value for our clients’ investments.

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Our team maximizes building management through efficient and effective operations, institutional quality financial management, and creating next-level tenant experiences.

Project Management

From carpet and paint to $350 million ground-up projects, our project management team accomplishes a wide variety of tasks every day on behalf of our clients.

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