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We know how much real estate means to you, because it means that much to us.


Foundry Commercial’s Landlord Advisory Services is focused on one thing, our clients.  Our clients trust us with their office assets to maximize their buildings value and for that we are grateful.  We come to work each day with a passion for solving our clients problem.      

Every building has a story and our job is to identify that story and tell that story to the market.  We combine local expertise with a detailed marketing plan to increase exposure to every asset.  Prior to transitioning onto an asset our team works closely with Asset Management to implement a detailed Marketing and Lease-up strategy.  Property performance is benchmarked against historical data, as well as compared with similarly situated properties in the region.  Through continuous feedback from our client and our systematic approach, Foundry Commercial is able to track and adjust our efforts to ensure we are increasing NOI.   


Our retail brokerage team builds relationships that transcend transactions.  We unlock value in deals by listening, learning, and asking relevant questions.  This approach brings success, satisfaction and sustainability to all involved.  We align with our clients, our retailers and our market brokers to understand deal drivers and then apply the “heart and hustle” to make it happen.  We are passionate about retail and in tune to expansion footprints, store formats, and consumer trends.  The results are measurable and transforming for both the assets we lease and the partnerships we build.


Trust is number one when it comes to leasing an industrial building. As a landlord you are trusting a team to keep your building leased with dependable tenants. Our leasing team is in the business of tenant representation. We want to make sure the existing tenants are happy and their business is thriving and ensure we find the right space for your needs.