Serve Week Recap by Matt Messier

Posted on February 19, 2016

Last week was an absolutely awesome experience and time for me. Paul and I had the privilege of being on site at 4 of the 13 organizations we worked with during serve week and experience first-hand all the good they are doing. Seeing members of the Foundry family working arm in arm with each other as we enjoyed the opportunity to assist so many great Ministries and Agencies was amazing. It reminded me how blessed I am in so many ways and how fortunate I am to be a part of Foundry Commercial. It also reinforced something that I was taught long go. It's not that I had forgotten it, but every once in a while we need a little realignment to the North Stars that we are meant to follow. And it is simply this...we were created for relationships and to serve one another.

It is my habit to compartmentalize my life. I have my home life, my work life, my church life, my social life, my laying on the couch life (my absolute favorite), etc and all of them feel at times distinct and separate from the others, or so it seems. Yet, in reality we are called to live a balanced life where each aspect is interwoven with the others thru a common thread of gratitude and service. In other words, I'm not an employee one minute, a father later in the day and a friend on the weekend. I am a person who has the privilege of serving others in a variety of ways throughout my day, whether that is my wife, business partner, friend or co-worker.

Serve week was just an extension of what we are supposed to do every day…serve one another and the family here at Foundry Commercial is absolutely great at doing it. Not just in serving those less fortunate at places like Second Harvest, City Rescue Mission, the Ronald McDonald House, Greater Enrichment Program and so many others. But in the everyday interactions with our clients (partners) and each other. Foundry, at its core, is in the people serving business. I saw that fully displayed last week but also have the privilege of seeing and experiencing every week.

Foundry is a place that doesn't have clients or customers but partners who we care deeply about and consider ourselves fortunate to stand alongside of in the great work they are doing. I saw that fully displayed last week as well as every week.

Foundry is not a place I work at, but a family I belong to. A place where people really do care about one another and who actually mean it when they ask "how are you doing?” I saw that last week and see it every week.

Foundry is a not just a real estate company doing business in certain communities across the country. We are an integral part of the community, with a passion to positively impact everything and everyone we interact with. I saw that last week and I see it every week.

Thank you for being a part of the Foundry Commercial family as we strive for true success.

Dashcam Day 4 | Final Recap from Foundry Commercial on Vimeo.