Exploring CRE Career Paths with Elevation Scholars

Posted on June 30, 2022

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When the foundation for our company was laid more than 15 years ago, we were steadfast that our culture would be one that sought opportunities to give back. So many years later, it’s just as special when we get to live out those values in person. Today, Foundry’s Orlando office hosted the Elevation Scholars, a local program aimed at providing high need, high achieving students the information and support necessary to secure admissions and graduation from college.

During their visit to the Orlando office, the students had the opportunity to hear from various Foundry leaders and associates about career paths available to them in the commercial real estate industry. From development to property management, from brokerage to marketing, and a whole host of other positions in between, the five students and three Elevation Scholars leaders who came to visit heard about how many of our talented associates landed in the commercial real estate industry, learning about the various facets of the industry as well as about what makes Foundry’s culture so special.

Elevation Scholars helps to provide students who are high achieving – and have a high need – with the resources to show them how to be intentional and purposeful on their path through college. While the program begins as early as ninth grade for many students, the official scholar-award provided by the program is a 5 ½ year commitment starting at the end of a student’s junior year and completed at college graduation.

This program is comprised of a mix of services and financial support, including personalized college admissions advisement and standardized test preparation, helping fund college expenses for scholarship award winners, and – as in the case of the experience at Foundry Commercial – gaining exposure to new career possibilities through exclusive shadowing, internship, and networking opportunities.

We’re proud to play a small part in helping these students achieve success along their college journeys, and it was an honor to have them in the Orlando office. Thank you, Elevation Scholars!