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Our mission is to build a generational real estate company centered on people, purpose, and performance. We are a commercial real estate company driven by relationships and the passion to build something different.

Our Team By The Numbers

  • 2,000+


  • 83

    Total Investments

  • 65M SF

    Leasing and Management

  • $2.3B

    Brokerage Transaction Value

  • * Statistics updated quarterly

    Meet the Team

    We believe strong relationships are the foundation of a successful career.

    What makes Foundry so special, truly, is the authenticity of the leadership and tremendous effort that is expended to grow and protect the unmatchable culture.

    Mary Beth Paris, Accounting, Orlando Office

    One of the most significant contributing factors for me being a part of Foundry is not only the desire of leadership to build something different, where we truly care about the people and the places we serve, but their consistent follow through and implementation of this desire from the top down.

    W.B. Scoggin, Brokerage, Nashville Office

    The environment here is relaxed, personal and fun, but still productive. I don’t feel like I have to come to work as anyone else but Chelsea, and that is the type of Corporate America I want to show up for.

    Chelsea Graham, Accounting, Orlando Office

    Due to a life change, I left Foundry for a short span of time, but couldn’t wait to return to their welcoming arms. The grass is greener where it is watered, and Foundry has a non-stop water source that starts from our leadership and pours across several cities and states.

    Brittany Vande Velde, Property Management, Jacksonville Office

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