John Schneider

Operations Manager


(714) 299-9450


John Schneider is the Operations Manager for Foundry Commercial in California. He led the creation of the Facility Management team that serves clients in the state, and oversees its daily operations. John has worked in the commercial real estate field for over 20 years. His specialty is designing and building effective teams, and implementing technology to improve operations. Prior to joining Foundry, John served as Director of Information Technology for DAUM Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles, where he was hired in 1997 to build and deploy a technology platform. Ten years later, after a successful I.T. platform was in place, he transitioned into property management and facility operations. John joined Foundry Commercial in 2016. He is married with 2 children, lives in Mission Viejo, is active in Boy Scouts, and loves to officiate soccer in his free time.