About Us

More than a decade ago, we set out to build a different kind of real estate company. One that serves its clients by attracting and unleashing the most talented and courageous professionals in the industry and connecting capital to markets in unique ways all while having fun and building a lasting impact within the lives of our associates and within the communities that we serve.

While culture can be seen as an empty buzzword these days, it is sacred at Foundry. Having built the company from the ground up, we understand that culture is the unwritten language of how a company operates and treats one another. So, instead of focusing on the results of a healthy culture, we focus on the principles themselves.

  • We treat others the way we want to be treated and serve our communities.
  • We seek to unlock the most talented and courageous people in the industry.
  • We connect relationships, capital to markets and talent to client solutions.
  • We play as one team, have fun together, and reject silos.
  • We take our associates, clients and partners’ success personally.
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Our Platform

Foundry Commercial is, at its heart, a services business, providing traditional real estate services like property management, project leasing, tenant representation and brokerage, project management and facilities management. We have a regional footprint, with 11 offices across the Southeast and Texas. And we have scale, with over 300 team members and 55 million square feet for which we provide management and/or leasing services for more than 100 owner-customers.

What makes us unique, however, is how we have integrated a development and investment platform into our service business. Rather than segregating the two, we chose to fully integrate them to support a strategy that creates a virtuous circle for our customers and partners. This circle begins with our services business providing focused and personalized real estate services. We seek to leverage the expertise and relationships that are inherent in having more than 300 real estate professionals in the local markets we serve to identify off-market and advantaged investment opportunities. We do not compete with our customers, but rather invite them to be a part of each investment we make-strengthening our relationships and efforts by helping them execute their individual investment strategies. And as those relationships grow, the more service business opportunities they create, allowing the circle to perpetuate once more.

In addition to comprising a regional operating and investment platform with more than $1 billion of assets under management, Foundry operates a network of more than 75 brokers and six Deal Principals embedded throughout our markets. They are active and engaged in their local markets in and through a variety of real estate services and transactions. Unlike other platforms, this affords us a market perspective that not many others have an opportunity to not just study the markets, but to live them.

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